Yang Berbahagia Tuan Haji Abdul Kader B. Hassan Ali

Tuan Haji Abdul Kader B. Hassan Ali

Tuan Haji Abdul Kader B. Hassan Ali - Security Services ( GOPIO International Excellence Award 2010 )

As the visionary and leader of Metro Security. Tuan Haji Kader is responsible of setting the direction of the company and leading the workforce into meeting the company vision. Which is making client's security our priority. He supervises every department in the company, especially the Management and Legal team to ensure that our policies and procedures are in-line with which the law and regulations of the country. He also works in close liaisons with Kementerian dalam Negeri Malaysia and Polis DiRaja Malaysia in complementing security and preventive measures taken by the government.

About Metro Security

For the past 20 years, Metro Security Sdn. Bhd. has been providing quality reliable and affordable security services to big and small corporations in the country. With branches located in every state of Malaysia, the. company has been able to zoom into various areas including outskirts and suburbs to provide services for all types of environments and circumstances.

Since its establishment on the 25th of February 1991, the company has grew and continue to strive leaps and bounds in meeting the increasing demand from the market by provide services that complement the preventive measures taken by Polis DiRaja Malaysia.

This is possible with the employment of former law enforcement personnel, which form the workforce the serves our Clientele. Moreover, all our personnel are vetted by Kementerian Dalam Negeri Malaysia and Polis Diraja Malaysia to ensure that they are trustworthy.

Beside that, our officers are trained on a regular basis to be updated with the latest security techniques which include usage of new telecommunication devices, equipments. Firearms and combat technique. Their expertise goes beyond security as each officer is also equipped with knowledge of safety to react to any crisis that may arise. All of them are qualified and well trained to provide security services in the following (but not limited to): Bodyguard, Courier Delivery, Commercial properties, Businesses, Hotels, Condominiums, homes, Construction Sites, Private Parties and Events, Residential Areas and banks.

At Metro Security Services, we believe in understanding and partnering with our Clients to ensure the best of security. Not only do we listen and understand your needs, we also act on them with our expertise and knowledge. We consider every project a partnership with you, thus you can rely on us to provide our very best in every project assigned to us.