Datuk Sahadevan Baliah

Datuk Sahadevan Baliah

Datuk Sahadevan Baliah - Management with Empathy ( GOPIO International Excellence Award 2015 )

Datuk Sahadevan a/l Baliah, born on 21st December, 1952 in Baling, Kedah and is married with three children. He joined National Land Finance co-operative Society Limited (NLFCS) in 1972. He was appointed as a General Manager of NLFCS Plantations in 1985 and then was promoted as its Chief Executive Officer and Secretary of the Board in 1995. In June 2013 he was appointed as the Managing Director.

Datuk Sahadevan has a passion for Agricultural and was promoted to be a cadet planter in 1979. To date, his rich experience in managing the plantations has made the Society's plantations productive/ profitability earning many accolades including the Co-operative Commission of Malaysia for being the best managed plantation.

NLFCS is the fifth largest co-operative in Malaysia with a membership of About 70,000 members, NLFCS owns and manage 30,000 acres oil palm/ coconut and is also involved in the Housing and Real -Estate Development.

Datuk B. Sahadevan obtained a Diploma in Management from Malaysian Institute of Management in 1984 and Higher Diploma in Law from University of Wolver Hampton, United Kingdom (UK) in 1993. He subsequently obtained a Master’s Degree in Management from Worn Borough University (UK) in 1999.

Through his 38 years’ experience in the co-operative movement the Malaysia Government has appointed him in the Malaysian Co-operative Education Trust Fund in 2004 to 2008 and he also as a member of the Malaysian Co-operative Tribunal since 2004 till to-date. He is also a member of the Asia – Pacific Co-operative Agricultural Committee.

He has attended the National and International Conferences. He has presented papers on the Co-operative values, prospects and problems at National Forums and also at the 7th International Co-operative Alliance Regional Congress (Asia-Pacific) in Colombo on 17th August 2006.

He also a Chairman of Malaysia Hindu Sangam Trust Fund.