Dato Dr. C.Baskaran

Dato Dr. C.Baskaran

Dato Dr. C.Baskaran -Recycling ( GOPIO International Excellence Award 201o )

The GMS Group's founder and President, Dato Dr. C. Various Baskaran assumes the lead role in the company armed with more than 35 years of experience in metal trading and recycling.

He has steered the company into an expansion drive to make it one of the prominent and successful business enterprises in the Malaysian corporate scene simultaneously ensuring that environmental issues related to his industry are not compromised. Thus reads his company's motto: “Conserving the nature; Recycling for the future!"

Baskaran is a prominent personality in the Malaysian corporate circle having been instrumental in forming the Malaysian Indian Metal Traders and Recyclers Association (MIMTA). He was the founder and first President of MIMTA.

Having been involved in the industry for more than 30 years, Dr Baskaran takes extreme pride and passion in his career and profession. In 1993, his entrepreneurial drive had prompted him to establish GMS Purnaimpex Sdn Bhd and today, the company has evolved into a well entrenched entity supported by a Parent Company and two sister companies.

Dato Dr. Baskaran's relentless pursuit for succees and perfection had resulted in the phenomenal growth of his business empire. The benchmark for his success can be attributed to his stringent principles on quality, delivery and integrity. The training and experiences that he gained during his tenure as an employee for a large metal recycling group remains as an asset for the GMS Group. His global access to suppliers and customers is definitely a contributing factor for GMS' success. Various business tie-ups and strategic alliances with foreign counterparts had resulted in a win-win situation for GMS.

He has set a strong foundation for the Group to sustain remarkably well even during economic uncertainties and downturns. Under his leadership the Group is positively moving forward in line with the industry's trends and is set to scale greater heights in the near future.

He believes in Team Building concept and ensures the management works towards a common goal. Dato Dr Baskaran's ability and focus in this industry has led the GMS Group to be a prominent player in this environment friendly industry.

The Group share a commitment to quality, delivery deadline, performance and satisfaction to their valued customers, not forgetting their environmental responsibility to the society and the government.

Having achieved the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality management system from Certification International (UK) Limited for exceptional process control and product quality in the recycling of cable and non-ferrous metals, the Company is poised to be one of the industry leaders.

Now the GMS Group is focusing to play a bigger role in the international arena and in line with their aim they are pursuing foreign collaborations and business alliances.