Arun Chaudhary

Arun Chaudhary

Arun Chaudhary - Nepal ( GOPIO International Excellence Award 201o )

Arun Chaudhary, born in 1963, is the youngest of the 3rd generation of the illustrious Chaudhary Group (CG) of Nepal. GC the first Nepalese conglomerate of business interests covering diverse sectors commands a presence in the South and Southeast Asia. The group's tag line 'Touching Life every day is a vision and dream fulfilled. CG has over the last 65 years forged, nurtured and maintained global alliances and this growth has taken place through a deep understanding of local markets, people and customs.

The Chaudhary Group's progress over the last sixty seven years has been a trial-blazer on the Nepalese horizon. Today, a conglomerate of over 40 businesses, the group has an unmatched investment outlay of over $ 250 million. In a land-locked, developing third world nation, this spells nothing short of very hard-earned success.

Today, the Chaudhary Group continues to lead, harnessing global partnerships in core sectors such as automobiles, food and beverages, electronics, oil, seeds and derivatives, energy, healthcare, health foods, hydropower, real estate, mines and minerals, tourism hospitality, remi Hance, phyto-chemicals and education. The group has also forged a joint venture by becoming a catalyst between Cigen Corporation and Indian Hotels Co. Ltd. (Taj Group of Hotels, India). The group has also ventured into the hospitality sector, real estate, automobiles and healthcare.

Distinguished as the first Nepalese company to have a distribution network spanning the sub-continent, the group is poised to become the first Nepalese corporate entity with a growing presence in the South Asian/ South East Asian region's fiercely competitive food and beverage sector.

Since its inception, Chaudhary Group has contributed to the upliftment of the nation's economy, equalizing the infrastructure and entrepreneurial capability of Nepal with other developing nations.

Amidst this growth and prosperity, CG has not forgotten the social responsibilities of the business. The CSP wing of the Group, Citizens Chaudhary has made contributions in areas of social inclusion, talent development, public health, rural development, infrastructure and education.

Spearheaded by the dynamic prowess of Mr. Binod K. Chaudhary, Mr. Basant K. Chaudhary and Mr. Arun K.Chaudhary and empowered by a taskforce of over 4,000 dedicated people, the group has the best human resources to ensure qualitative cover on all its ventures.

Mr. Arun Chaudhary is an advisor-friend to bilateral and multilateral business associations, foreign embassies, past and present ambassadors and various ministries of the state. He is in his second consecutive term as the as President of the Nepal India Chamber of Commerce and Industries (NICCI) which covers 70% of Nepal's trade. This dynamic man is often sought for his fine networking and facilitation skills.