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  • Name: Abhishek Baxi
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Abhishek Baxi is a personal technology columnist for Hindustan Times and liveMint, a social media enthusiast and a podcaster. He is also a contributing author on Techie-Buzz.
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I Used Evernote to Plan My Wedding

I’ve been a user of Evernote for Windows Desktop since 2009 and started using it on Windows Phone as soon as it became available. I regularly use Evernote for work and used it extensively to plan my wedding. Evernote helped to ensure everything went smoothly, and that our special day was filled with happy relatives and cherished memories.

I got engaged in July 2011, but I started to rely heavily on Evernote to keep my wedding plans on track in September, when we set our wedding date, and the pressure of organizing everything suddenly came to the fore. I started by creating a separate ‘Wedding’ notebook in my Evernote account, to help me keep track of all the details, including bookings, invitee lists, wedding attire, family giveaways, caterers and even the finances. Indian weddings can be very elaborate; Evernote helped me keep track of every detail. Throughout the planning process, I often used Evernote on the go. If I waited until I got home to capture my notes, I would have undoubtedly missed something important.

Wedding planning means visiting the most crowded markets, where you get the most variety and the best rates. I went to Chandni Chowk in Delhi to buy many things for my wedding, and with the massive variety, options, prices, etc. it was not possible to remember everything. I took notes and photos on the spot, which helped me make decisions later.

10 Tips for Planning an Indian Wedding with Evernote

  1. Create a separate ‘Wedding’ notebook, then create a note for each item that needs to be tracked, like accounts, catering, and guest lists.
  2. Scan or snap a photo of vendors’ business cards, so you never have to worry about losing important contact information. Evernote’s ability to search for text inside images makes them easy to find anytime.
  3. Snap photos of ideas and inspiration that you come across while shopping. With Evernote, you can keep them all in one place, and share them with your fiancée later.
  4. Scan or snap a photo of receipts as soon as you make a wedding-related purchase. I was the sole person organizing my wedding and even on the wedding day, I had to deal with vendors. I obviously didn’t want to carry every receipt from every vendor, so having pictures of them in my Evernote account was invaluable. On the day of the wedding, I was able to confirm the balances that remained to be paid and answer any vendor questions (like who had been paid in part or in full) by simply searching through my account.
  5. Forward wedding-related text messages from friends and family to your Evernote email account, so that you can refer back to them everywhere you have Evernote. Capturing these special moments in Evernote means that I can look back at them years later.
  6. Tag all of the notes in your ‘Wedding’ notebook to make them easier to search and browse.
  7. Use notes to remember your guests’ food and dining preferences and other details. These are helpful for instructing vendors in advance and on the day of your wedding, so everything goes smoothly.
  8. Use the Evernote Web Clipper to plan your honeymoon. Clip articles, hotel and restaurant information, and more. I used the Web Clipper extensively while planning my honeymoon with my wife. It’s a great tool for collecting a lot of ideas in one place.
  9. Create a Shared Notebook for the tasks that need to be coordinated with others, then share it with friends so that they can help make your wedding a great day.
  10. Manage your travel bookings and travel-related expenses in Evernote.

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