The Importance of Climate Action

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April 28, 2022
June 15, 2022

We all can contribute toward climate action because we all are unique. Our voice matters. 

-Archana Soreng


What is climate change? Why is climate action important? Based on the United Nations, climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. Climate change may be a natural shift, but it is also important to know that human activities have been the main cause or drive of the change since the beginning of modern times. An example of activities that causes climate change such as heat-trapping is the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gases. The rapid climate change that can be seen in this era is due to the usage of oil, gas, and coal for our homes, factories, and transport. The high usage and burning of fossil fuels produce greenhouse gases which are mostly carbon dioxide (CO2) where these gases trap the heat from the Sun and cause the planet’s temperature to rise. 


The World Temperature is Rising

According to the statistic by BBC, the Earth is 1.2C warmer than it was in the 19th century. Another worrying issue is the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has risen by about 50%. Based on a reading from the University of California Berkely, the temperature from the year 1950 till the year 2020, the temperature has risen rapidly without slowing down. To avoid serious consequences of global warming, the temperature rise must be slowed down and it is also said by the scientist that global warming must be kept below 1.5C by the year 2100. It is also important to know that previously it was argued that global temperature rise must be kept below 2C to avoid any serious consequences of global warming by the end of the century which was considered “safe” then. However, now scientists argue that keeping the global temperature rise at 1.5C is far safer than what was suggested earlier. 

Keeping the global temperature below 1.5C isn’t an easy task. It is a known fact that if no further action is taken, the global temperature may rise above 2C by the end of this century and this may cause serious consequences to the Earth. Based on a report by The Climate Action tracker group this year, it was stated that the world was heading towards an increase in global temperature of 2.4C by the end of the century. Scientists also have stated that if no action is taken the global temperature may rise to 4C in the future causing devastating heatwaves, millions losing their homes due to the rise of temperature and sea levels, and also irreversible loss of plants and animals species. 


How Climate Change Affects Life

The bigger question for the future generations and also the current generations is how does climate change affect us? The answer is that climate change has already started affecting us even now, and proper action must be taken as soon as possible to avoid more damage to the world. Reasons to show the public why action needs to be taken to stop the rise in global temperature is that temperature rising globally means there will be large changes for the animals too such as, polar bears, snow leopards, turtles, etc. These incredible species are already facing a major impact these days which shows that climate change in the future will badly affect their shelter and source of food, and will also decrease their habitats. 

Other than that, to all the coffee lovers the change in the climate will also affect the production of coffee. Coffee producers are already seeing a reduction in the harvests of coffee and an increase in pests. It is also stated that wine production also may be affected by climate change. To all the coffee lovers out there, for the sake of coffee, a change is sorely needed, and you may be the reason for a better world. Be the change, for coffee. 

The incredibly beautiful and amazing rainforest which is also known as the “lungs of the world” may be destroyed. It is a precious habitat of the planet, and witnessing it getting destroyed in the name of new development and technological advancement is saddening. The Amazon, for example, is home to an astonishing 1 in 10 of all the known species on Earth. However, over a third of the Amazon is already threatened by climate change.

We the people of these generations are fortunate to live on a beautiful, diverse, nurturing, awe-inspiring planet. Our children, and all future generations, deserve the same, and changes are needed for the future generations. Changes and actions are needed not only because climate change affects animals, rainforests, and coral reefs, but because it affects everyone around the world. An increase in the price of food due to the reduction in harvests and agriculture are also the effects of climate change. Rising temperatures will cause an increase in extreme weather. With the reduction of the opportunities to appreciate the natural world, people all over the world will feel the effects of climate change.


What Must We Do to Stop the Damage

Deforestation in all corners of Earth must be stopped soon before the precious habitats of the world are destroyed, which will cause massive consequences to the world. Changes are needed for the upcoming generation who otherwise be denied the right to experience the beauty and precious habitats of the natural world. Campaigns and movements such as Earth Hour is a fantastic reminder that we are capable of great things when we work together, and we can make changes happen for the right reasons. Since we first heard about the potential effects of climate change, a lot has changed. Action on a worldwide scale has accelerated since the Rio Earth Summit, followed by the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. Now, more than ever, we must act, utilise our votes, and voices to tell political and business leaders that climate action is critical.

Climate change has a variety of consequences in different parts of the globe. Some areas may warm faster, while others will experience more rainfall. If the temperature rise exceeds 1.5 degrees Celsius as discussed earlier; extreme rainfall will put the UK and Europe at risk of flooding. Furthermore, extreme heatwaves are expected in the Middle East, and agricultural land may turn into desert. Under rising waters, many Pacific island nations may become extinct. Droughts and food shortages can be expected in many African countries. It is also expected that drought conditions are expected in the western United States, while storms will be more intense in other locations. Extreme heat and drought are expected to hit Australia.


Simple Changes Make An Impact

Simple changes do make an impact on our environment, ff we all chip in, we really can make a difference. These small changes such as investing in reusable bottles or mugs are one of the ways. Usually, after buying a bottle of water many people throw away plastic bottles and coffee mugs. By keeping a reusable water bottle or coffee cup with you at all times, there’s a chance to avoid this. Whether it’s in your car, at your desk, or in your work bag, you’ll find it there. Moreover, changing the habit of using plastic bags to reusable bags while grocery shopping does work wonders, and the public should start changing. And finally, even if we don’t keep all of our electronics devices on all of the time, the fact that they’re plugged in and on standby wastes a lot of energy. Turning off your plug socket or unplugging your phone or even your laptop charger while not in use are just a few small things that can make a significant difference.

To conclude, climate action is a must, and there are many ways we can make the changes. As reasonable and responsible people, we have to start working towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle. We can make a difference and leave a better world for our future generation. Be the difference.


Author: R. Ghanesa Kumaran