The 2nd LeadGopio Retreat

16th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in Madhya Pradesh India
January 10, 2023
GOPIO Malaysia Youth Attends ITEC Programme in IIT Kanpur India
April 14, 2023

The LeadGOPIO Retreat II took place at Fraser’s Hill on the 25th and 26th of February 2023, to draw strategic planning for the year. The retreat amidst the cool and green backdrop provided the perfect setting for ideas and visualisation of plans and executions. The programme was initiated by GOPIO Malaysia President Gunasekaren Sreerangan and coordinated by GOPIO Malaysia Secretary Sashidharan Santhesegaran.

The retreat was an introductory session for new committee members and a refresher for the senior members. The participation of ten committee members and sub-committee leaders enriched the discourse. The presentations and introductions spanned both the purview of GOPIO Malaysia and its larger counterpart GOPIO International, underscoring the interconnectedness of the GOPIO missions.

LeadGOPIO Retreat II provided an array of programmes for the year 2023. Among the programmes presented were the International Women’s Day Conference, PIO Day, GOPIO Economic Conference, PIO Academic Conference, PIO International Festival, GOPIO Malaysia Youth Conference, International Day of Yoga, GOPIO International Golf Tournament, Business Leaders Forum, Chola Conferences in Tanjavoor, Malaysia Day Youth Forum II, GOPIO Fundraising Dinner, Treasure Hunt, Chola Conference in Sungai Petani and GOPIO Young Professionals Conference.

The retreat crystallised GOPIO Malaysia’s dedication to initiating innovative collective thinking and strategic planning, steering the organisation towards a dynamic and impactful trajectory for the term ahead.