Terrorists Anywhere in the World, Must be Stopped

200 years of Tamil Education in Malaysia is commemorated by Prime Minister Najib Razak
October 6, 2016
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October 13, 2016

Press Release

The recent ’surgical operation’ against Terrorists camps in Pakistan, by India must be welcomed by all governments, including Government of Malaysia. Terrorists have killed hundreds of thousands of children, women and peace loving people in the last five years around the world.

These terrorists whether they are from Pakistan or any other countries must be treated the same and eliminated; There is no such thing as good terrorists.

India demolished 7 terrorists’ camps in Pakistan on 29th Sept 2016. The Pakistan army supported terrorists have been raiding India for many years now. In particular, in Jammu and Kashmir this Pakistan based terrorists attacks are often repeated. They have also infiltrated civil societies, NGOs and Political groups to keep Jammu and Kashmir continuously destabilized.

Pakistan is a failing state, if not already a failed state. This is now acknowledged in many countries around the world. Major countries have welcomed India’s recent demolition of the 7 terrorists’ camps in Pakistan. The world is now tired of Terrorism based politics and governments. The world urgently needs more of peace, rather than the current level of terrorist’s violence. Hundreds of thousands of children, women and peace loving people have been killed in the last five years around the world. Countries in the Middle East are the most affected countries, leading to millions of refugees fleeing from their own countries.

GOPIO calls on the government of India to contribute impact-fully to world peace by demolishing more of these terrorists’ groups and camps. Particularly in Pakistan, where there are hundreds of terrorists groups and terrorists training camps.

India is no more a colonial rule ravaged country. India is now among the top leading powers in the world and India needs to demonstrate strong leadership for peace seeking people of the world.

The terrorists have their own ways of networking and operating around the world. Not just in India, but also in Europe, African countries, Middle East, China and Russia. In the last fifteen years these terrorist have also infiltrated ASEAN countries, including Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. The Terrorists’ cancerous spread around the world must be stopped by all governments collaborating together for world peace and stop this unimaginable level of violence by the terrorists on innocent people.

GOPIO International represents the Indian Diaspora of 30 million people, living in more than 100 countries and they are also impacted by these terrorists’ activities, of random killings and fear mongering around the world. The terrorists impact everyone, directly or indirectly.

A world without terrorists, will be much more peaceful in an environment of multi religious and multi-cultural societies. Rich diversities of multi religions, cultures, and languages are the main pillars of any successful civilisation.

Malaysia, one of the few countries with rich diversities must also articulate more strongly against terrorists, be it in Malaysia or in Pakistan. On the minimum, the terrorists are against multi religions and diversities; which is the rich culture of Malaysia.

Selvarajoo Sundram,
GOPIO International.