Ramasamay Veeran

Ramasamay Veeran

Ramasamay Veeran - Mobile Virtual Network Operator ( GOPIO International Excellence Award 2011 )

Ramasamay Veeran aged 41 with a degree in Business Administration was the founding member and is currently the director of Merchantrade Asia Sdn. Bhd. He was the key person to set up the Company in1996 and has been instrumental in the expansion and. diversification of Merchantrade from its initial business as a telecommunication equipment supplier, calling cards and wartel (Call Shop) services to the current Mobile Virtual Network Mobile Virtual Network Operator(MVNO) Services and Remittence Services.

From a single office with 8 staff in the year 2002, Merchandtrade has grown into an award winning company with 58 branches nationwide with over 400 staff in its employment. Since obtaining its Remittance licence in the year 2007, Merchandtrade offers money transfer services from Malaysia to India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines under the banner of Merchandtrade Express Remittances.

Merchantrade has captured one of the largest market shares in the non-bank remittance services sector in Malaysia.With an initial remittance branch set up in 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Merchantrade currently has 58 remittance branches nationwide.

On its prepaid mobile services business segment, Merchantrade is a leading Operator (MVNO) in Malaysia providing best pre-paid IDD calling rates with Merchantrade's brand name. Currently, the company has network coverage to India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Malaysia. Since 2009, Merchantrade has become an affiliate of Sumitomo Corporation Japan. There is nothing to stop the young, energetic Ramasamy Veeran from venturing into more challenging areas.