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April 7, 2022
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May 2, 2022

The Preserve Tamil Promote Tamil or Thamizhai Kaappom Thamizhai Valarpom forum was organised by GOPIO Malaysia Young Professional on the 28th of April 2022 in conjunction with Subakrithu Tamil New Year 5123. The objective of this online forum is to preserve and promote the Tamil Language among people from all walks of life. It is also to instil a sense of belonging and to increase the usage of Tamil in their daily lives. A similar forum was also organised in 2021 under the title Semmozhiyana Thamizh Mozhiye.


The forum was attended by over 50 participants with Ms Ramya Hiriyannaiah, the Director of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Indian Culture Centre, Kuala Lumpur as Guest of Honour and Mr Archunan Maniandi, the Chairman of Tamil Schools Headmasters Association as a Special Guest. The forum began with a welcome address by Mr Sashidharan Santhesegaran, the Secretary-General of GOPIO Malaysia, followed by a keynote address by Ms Ramya Hiriyannaiah and a special address by Mr Archunan Maniandi. 


The subject matter experts/panellists in this forum are, Mr Supramani Shoniah, Former Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Language & Linguistics, University of Malaya, Ms Jaya Narayanan, Senior Assistant from SJKT Puchong (Tamil school), Dr K. Cornelius Piros, the President of Young Professional, GOPIO Malaysia, Ms Sangita Rajahmuny, Head of Ladies Wing, Akhanda Tamil Ulagam and Ms Kallpanna Gunasakaran, Youth Member, GOPIO Malaysia. The forum was hosted by Ms Elizabeth Euawan, a Bachelor of Human Resources Management student at Saito University College. 


Among the topics presented were the antiquity of the Tamil Language by Mr Supramani, the Tamil diaspora around the world by Ms Sangita and the present status of the Tamil language in Malaysia by Ms Jaya.  Among the topics discussed were ways to maintain and promote the Tamil language in Malaysia and the benefits of maintaining and nurturing the language. Dr Cornelius added his points on preserving the multiracial and multicultural identity of Malaysia for future generations which were supported by Ms Kallpanna and she concluded the topic by explaining that language is a direct link to preserving other cultural aspects like values, traditions, customs, arts, food, and attire.


The two hours long forum was ended with a vote of thanks by Ghanesa Kumaran, the coordinator of the event. To conclude, this forum has recorded a message on the need to maintain and promote the Tamil language in Malaysia. The forum also highlighted the antiquity and history of the Tamil language.


The forum recording is available for viewing on Facebook. Please click the following link: