Mr. Sanderan R. Chandru

Mr. Sanderan R. Chandru

Mr. Sanderan R. Chandru - Logistics ( GOPIO International Excellence Award 2010 )

Mr. Sanderan R. Chandru is the Managing Director of Delta Haulage (M) Sdn Bhd and Delta Haulage a Transport (M) Sdn Bhd, one of the leading haulage service providers in Port Klang.

The haulage sector in Malaysia which has grown by leaps and bounds over the years is an essential component of the total logistics sector. In line with the rapid expansion of the shipping industry, Malaysia is earmarked to be a total service provider and hub for the regional shipping and warehousing activities.

Realizing this rapid expansion of the shipping and logistics sector, Mr.Chandru took a leap of faith and started his company in the year 1998. From then on, there was no turning back for Mr.Chandru as his company grew rapidly. Starting initially with only 5 prime movers, the company has now grown into one of the largest haulage service providers of its kind in Port Klang with 80 empty Trailers and 40 Laden trailers.

From humble beginnings as a warehouse forklift driver for over 15 years, Mr.Chandru has achieved his success through sheer hard work, great determination, and complete dedication to his trade while demonstrating impeccable work ethics to be a shining example of successful Indian entrepreneur.

One fine example of his business acumen and work dedication was given by his business mentor, who threw Mr.Chandru a challenge of hauling over 800 containers within a short period of 12 hours overnight. Mr. Chandru not only took up the challenge but managed to complete it with such efficiency and finesse within such a short period to earn much respect from his peers for this feat.

Delta Haulage has steadily improved financially despite stiff competition in Port Klang and now has an annual turnover of over 18 Million Ringgit, making them one of the most successful in the haulage industry at the moment.

Despite achieving much success, Mr. Chandru lives a simple and modest lifestyle and is noted for his contribution to the community mainly for the poor and needy families as well as poor school children.