LeadGOPIO Leadership Programme

GOPIO International Business Networking Summit and Dinner 2020
December 20, 2020
GOPIO Youth Virtual Meet and Greet
January 20, 2021

LeadGopio (meaning leading GOPIO) is a leadership program for the Committee Members of GOPIO Malaysia to comprehend the GOPIO in its wholesome context and understand the NGO’s general focus and traditions. LeadGopio was organised for the GOPIO Malaysia Committee for the term 2020-2022 on the 2nd and 3rd of January 2021 in Fraser’s Hill.


The Committee Members of GOPIO Malaysia were requested to plan and present projects in line with the principles and objectives of the organisation for the term 2020-2022, particularly for the year 2021,.


To begin the process, Committee Members were encouraged to identify outstanding and applicable programmes and activities for GOPIO. Each Committee Member was requested to pre-select the ideas, projects, partner organisations and team members of their choice for presentation.


The Agenda:


Saturday 2nd January 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm

  • Presentation on GOPIO International by Mr A Ravendiran Arjunan, Secretary-General of GOPIO International.
  • Presentation on GOPIO Malaysia by Mr Gunasegaran Sreerangan President of GOPIO Malaysia.
  • Presentation on Friends of GOPIO by Mr Gunasegaran.


Sunday 3rd January 10.00 am to 3.00 pm

  • Talk on Community and Volunteerism by Mr Gunasegaran.
  • Talk on Social Enterprise by Mr Selvarajoo Sundram, Chairman, GOPIO International.
  • Talk on Global Leadership by Mr S.Sashidharan, Secretary-General, GOPIO Malaysia.


  • Proposal/Presentation of Projects:
  • GOPIO Malaysia Single Parents Aid Scheme by Ms Rajeswary Palaniappan
  • Fraser’s Hill Sanctuary Project by Mr Subramaniam Sithambaram
  • GOPIO International Business Conference 2021 by Gunasegaran
  • Selangor International Expo 2022 by Mr Subramaniam
  • PIO International Festival 2022 by Mr S.Sashidharan
  • GOPIO Awards in Tamil Nadu, India by Selvarajoo Horikrishnan
  • Women Small Entrepreneur Start-up Facilitation by Mala Perumal


Members were allowed to Q&A after each presentation and each idea was welcome, albeit within a stipulated time and it was most interesting.


  • The following projects were proposed earlier by the rest of the Committee Members:
  • EPF and NRIC Facilitation by Mr M.A.Shekar
  • Interaction Programme with North Indian PIO Communities in Malaysia by Kernial Singh.
  • GOPIO Webinars for the Community by Gopalakrishnan Kolandai
  • Malaysia PIO Youth Conference by GOPIO Malaysia Youth
  • Malaysia Day Youth Conference by GOPIO Malaysia Youth
  • Kadaram Study Tour by GOPIO Malaysia Youth


On the evening of 3rd January, heavy downpour and several landslides occurred nationwide and the roads to and fro Fraser’s Hill was not spared by nature. Unable to return to their residences in Klang Valley, the Team extended their stay in Fraser’s for a second consecutive day. The Team managed to leave Fraser’s Hill on Monday 4th January, once the landslides and fallen trees blocking the road were removed.


Strategic training and planning processes can identify approaches that will best enable an NGO to advance in its mission. In this regard, LeadGopio enhanced the line of thinking and understanding among the Committee Members of GOPIO Malaysia.




GOPIO Malaysia.