International Day of Yoga 2023

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GOPIO Malaysia has been at the forefront of promoting the International Day of Yoga (IDY) in Tamil schools since its inception and recognition by the United Nations. This report highlights the organization’s achievements and ongoing efforts to foster yoga awareness and participation among Tamil school students in Malaysia.

In 2023, GOPIO Malaysia celebrated the International Day of Yoga with an impressive 100 participating schools. This represents a significant increase compared to the 75 schools and 7,000 pupils who took part in 2022. The rising numbers clearly demonstrate the growing enthusiasm for yoga within the Tamil school community.

The success of the IDY celebrations is made possible through collaboration with various partners. These include the High Commission of India, which provides crucial support, as well as several NGOs and organisations such as the Tamil Schools Headmasters of Malaysia, Malaysia Hindu Lawyers Association, Ayushpaty Malaysia, and others. These partnerships strengthen the outreach and impact of the IDY initiative.

Ten Yoga Clubs have been established in schools as part of the program. These clubs serve as dedicated spaces for students to learn and practice yoga regularly. The creation of these clubs not only promotes physical well-being but also instills discipline, mindfulness, and holistic health practices among the students.

Looking ahead, GOPIO Malaysia has ambitious plans to expand the IDY initiative. By the end of 2023, an additional 20 schools are expected to join the program, further extending the reach of yoga in Tamil schools across Malaysia. This expansion reflects the organization’s commitment to nurturing a culture of well-being among students. The coordination of the IDY program has been led by A.Ravendiran Arjunan in collaboration with several NGOs in Malaysia.

GOPIO Malaysia’s persistent efforts to promote yoga in Tamil schools through the International Day of Yoga celebrations have yielded commendable results. The increase in participation, the establishment of Yoga Clubs, and the continued support from various partners are testaments to the organization’s commitment to holistic well-being. As GOPIO Malaysia looks to 2023 and beyond, it is poised to further enhance the impact of yoga on the lives of Tamil school students across Malaysia.