GOPIO Welcomes Suggestion for Subject on all Major Religions in Schools and Universities

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July 26, 2016
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August 9, 2016

Press Release

GOPIO Malaysia welcomes the suggestion for knowledge of all religions in the country to be taught as a subject in schools and universities in the country.

GOPIO applauds the suggestion made at the Interfaith Forum organised by the Department of National Unity and Integration under the Prime Minister’s Department. This is a right step forward to promote unity and harmony.

Teaching of Cultures and Religions is a vital ingredient for wholesome knowledge in a globalised and developed nation. This learning will strengthen National Unity and is ideal for multi-cultural and multi-religious Malaysia. GOPIO agrees with the statement by the Committee Chairman Datuk Azman Amin Musa that many Malaysians are still ignorant about the religions practised by fellow Malaysians.

The suggested subject should also be inclusive of the cultural elements of Malaysians from the various race and ethnic groups. The Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sabahans, Sarawakians and all have rich and unique traditions. This is undoubtedly the proud heritage of Malaysia and must be preserved, promoted and taught in schools and universities.

After 59 years of independence, Malaysians must move forward, not with the mind-set of tolerance but with respect and the spirit of acceptance. This will also ensure that blunders as in the UTM TITAS slides do not resurface in future.

With this leap, the Malaysian education system will be a major contributor for the slogan, ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’. GOPIO is in complete support of this meaningful suggestion by the Interfaith Forum towards Unity in Diversity.

Shashiedharan Chandrasegaran
GOPIO Information Bureau.