GOPIO Malaysia Launches Parenting Skills Training Program.

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May 26, 2016
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June 21, 2016

GOPIO Malaysia launches a parenting skills training program in Johor, Perak and Penang with the support of Socio-Economic Development Of Indian Community Agency (SEDIC); an agency under the Prime Minister’s Department.

The program targets to empower 420 individuals nationwide through this initiative. The program which carries a “En Pillai En Poruppu” (My Child is My Responsibility) tagline strives to create awareness amongst the parent groups of the modern day threats children face and ways to enhance familial bond between the parents and children.

The lead trainer for this program, Ms Kalpana who is also the CEO of Trueway Trainers and the Head of Education Bureau of GOPIO says that the family institution is the right platform to create transformation within the community. “Parenting is a very important skills. The family institution is the fundamental platform where values and character is instilled amongst the younger generation. When the family institution fails, children are left with no guidance and this paves way for social ills to seep in amongst the younger generation.”

She added, “ It will not be wrong to say that majority of the parents today are disengaged with their children. How many families have shared goals and targets to achieve to bring the family forward?

“The parenting skill program will be GOPIO’s intervention program to create engagement with the PIO community to understand their predicaments better and look at mechanisms to be a catalyst to empower the local Indian community.

The President of GOPIO Malaysia, Mr. Ravendran Arjunan says, “GOPIO is committed to uplift the Indian community through strategic partnership on areas that needs to be addressed such as education opportunities and entrepreneurship empowerment.”

GOPIO’s parenting skill program will be conducted in two phases: phase one is exclusively for parents and in phase two, the parents and children will undergo a parent-child bonding camp.

The first program will be conducted at Johore Bahru on the 18 & 19th June 2016 at the Johor Indian Chambers of Commerce, 7-02 Jalan Dato’ Jaafar 1, Impian Business Park, Taman Dato Onn, 80350, Johore Bahru.

This program will be organized with the support of CEADO, an active NGO in Johor led by Ms. Padma Narayanan, ASTI and many other supporting partners.

Those keen to participate in this event can contact:

Kanaga: 016 2256 290 or Rajee 016 4212 605

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