Sasha Anthony

Sasha Anthony
Corporate Compliance (GOPIO International Women Entrepreneur Awards 2011)

Ms. Sasha Anthony hails from Kuala Lipis, Pahang and is fourth among seven siblings. Married to a banker, she is a mother of two children who are currently pursuing tertiary education.

Ms. Sasha Anthony started her career in the corporate secretarial line working in secretarial firms affiliated to small and medium sized audit firms. She worked for Maika Holdings in the late 1980s for two years before moving on to head the company secretarial departments of the Usaha Tegas Group and the Tanjong plc Group in 1991 associated to business tycoon Mr Ananda Krishnan.

She was involved in the listing in KLSE of Pan Malayan Pools via Tanjong Plc and its power arm namely Powertek Bhd and also all the acquisitions including other international cross border acquisitions to have international footprint in Egypt, Middle East and South East Asia and not withstanding the leisure segment in Germany.

Against this backdrop of dynamic changes, expansion and developments, Sasha has covered and overseen a wide variety of corporate activities and transactions including cross border transactions involving a wide spectrum of companies in over 20 jurisdictions. She was a key player in instituting and implementing various compliance and governance frameworks, practices and measures in line with regulatory requirements in the relevant jurisdictions in which the groups have interests. Furthermore this was amidst substantial changes and revamps to various securities and companies laws and regulations and the introduction of new governance codes in such jurisdictions, particularly in the last 15 years.

As she progressed in her career, she was involved in various high end corporate activities, including several initial public offerings, general offers, compulsory acquisitions, de-listings, major acquisitions and investments, joint ventures, numerous restructurings and major funding exercises that also involved companies such as Maxis, Astro, KLCC Holdings Bhd (the developer of KLCC) and Bumi Armada. Corporate compliance implementation requires a first-hand understanding of requirements, additionally there is the need to clarify grey areas and lacuna's in the laws and regulations with relevant advisers, both local and foreign.

Recognized for her extensive and in-depth knowledge of Corporate Compliance and Governance she has been called to provide assistance and advice to Maxis, Astro, MEASAT Global Bhd as well as Bursa Securities, where she provides input to Bursa's rule introduction, change and disclosure policy initiatives while sitting on its working and focus groups. She also participated in the Dialogue with the Securities Commission on Rule Change to the Takeovers and Mergers Code culminating in recent changes.

Sasha's dedication and commitment to the profession of her choice stands out impressively as is borne out by her many contributions and achievements in the course of her illustrious career culminating in the high and responsible office of Group Company Secretary with a major, reputable and international Corporate Group.