S. Malliga

S. Malliga
Health & Fitness (GOPIO International Women Entrepreneur Awards 2011)

S. Malliga, a prominent business women in Klang, was educated at the Methodist Girls School till Form Six. She continues to work in a Japanese company where through sheer hard work and commitment she steered her way to become the manager, serving the company for 15 years. Equipping herself with an MBA degree, she quit her lucrative job to venture into fitness business (Physiotherapy gym) using the latest technology from the United States.

Apart from this, she became a franchise holder of a well-known e-learning education programme, thereby creating a great awareness on the importance of education among the Indian community. Through her own e-learning center and coaching, many students have excelled in their studies.

To further diversity her business ventures and opportunities in training education, publications and printing, Malliga set up Minda Shakthi Resources. She is currently in the process of publishing the Tamil epic “Thirukkural”. Furthering her interest in motivation and educational programs, she has set up Personal Development Workshops, Students' Self Empowering Program and NLP Workshops and camps.

Despite her rise, Malliga has not forgotten her social responsibilities to the Indian community. She founded the Malaysian Indian Integrity Development Organization (MIIDO) and as the serving president, she reaches out to the Indian Community by organizing many activities that benefit the community, especially in the empowerment of women and single mothers. Her motivational talks to women groups, students and parents and how to be successful in life with the right knowledge and wisdom have been well-received.

Her success story has been featured prominently in local newspapers and in RTM's TV program “Manggai". Her strength, support and motivation comes from her husband, N.Amarasan, a successful company manager and her three children who have excelled in their studies.