Pathmavathy Suresh

Pathmavathy Suresh
Education (Posthumous) (GOPIO International Women Entrepreneur Awards 2011)

28th November 1964 - the day God sent a beautiful soul, to set upon an adventure that made our eyes and heart behold. Mrs. Pathmavathy Suresh, bred in the realms of Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, went through her childhood years with no worldly luxury. However, what she had was far more lavish than ever, for she had her family, her friends, and her dream.

From the corridors of Bukit Bintang Girls School at the age of 7 to the hallowed halls of University Kebangsaan Malaysia where she successfully gained her undergraduate degree the fire to succeed never ceased in this great lady. She braved through her next 10 years of hard work as a successful expatriate in Indonesia. Unknown to her at that time, her 10 years stint in Indonesia was the stepping stone for her to build a company in Malaysia that would not only be bridging the gap of international borders, but assisting the younger generation whose dreams are to become successful within the medical industry.

Nugrahan Sdn. Bhd, the fruit of her labor, was established in 1997 and became Malaysia's first student placement agency for Indonesia. Mrs. Pathmavathy expanded towards international borders once more and gained recognition for 15 prestigious universities in India by the Malaysian government. Today, Nugrahan places approximately 250 students in India and Indonesia, and it is arguably the leading student placement agency in Malaysia. Nugrahan Sdn Bhd will always be seen as Mrs. Pathmavathy's baby, as it is born out of her dream, nurtured through her experience and dedication.

Mrs. Pathmavathy, in her last 15 years, had dedicated her life in helping academically good students who could not afford higher education to pursue their dreams. She assisted students in obtaining financial assistance from MIED, JPA, MARA and NLFCS. She has always believed in lending a hand to those in need, to achieve their dreams, to make them live life to the fullest.

Sadly, the "dragon lady” had succumbed to colon cancer, in which she had gone through a series of chapter that had painfully left a mark in her life and her loved ones. After her tremendous fight, she departed this mortal world on 30th of March 2011. Her charisma, her exceptional sense of fashion, her natural beauty, and most importantly, that disarming smile- she makes an unforgettable impression on everyone who has been lucky enough to have known this Great Lady.

She lives immortally within us, as we can still hear her words echoing in our hearts, “Never see anything as a problem, but a situation with a solution, as no matter what life throws at us, and hurdles we go through, high or low, there's always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.