Parameswari Silvaguroo

Parameswari Silvaguroo
Bridal & Beauty (GOPIO International Women Entrepreneur Awards 2011)

Parameswari Silvaguroo is the proud owner of Darshini's Bridal & Beauty Center. With a vast experience encompassing 35 years, she is a leading beautician in the industry. Darshini's Bridal & Beauty Center is a pioneer, being among-st the first Indian Bridal Centers in the country.

What started in a humble business center in 1975 grew and blossomed as more advanced beauty & bridal courses were introduced. Parameswari is very serious in her work and she always observes punctuality as a sign of respect for the time others are spending with her. The achievement and devotion to her work is partly due to a disciplined upbringing.

Back in the 70s, being the only other daughter in a family of 6 other boys at the time, Parameswari was not burdened with the responsibility of supporting the household income. Instead, she found herself drawn to volunteer work and started helping out at the Spastic Center of Selangor. She was well appreciated for her work and is blessed to have gotten along well with the children at the center.

One of her first major projects was being the artist-in-charge of a local RTM production. This new venture was demanding and required hard work and determination so as to make a mark in the industry. Parameswari persevered as she worked extra hours to meet with the high demands. As a result, she was continually hired and was a familiar face with Malay and Chinese productions in the 1990s.

She is highly qualified with international certifications. Her first study venture was in an Indonesian Beauty Academy. This was followed by a number of Beauty & Bridal Studies in India. She advanced her studies as a Beauty Therapist with a degree in aromatherapy from London. Finally, she rounded it up with an Ayurvedic study from Kerala dealing with natural remedies for skin care and body care.

Major accomplishments include being as the beauty artist for “The Miss Malaysia Pageant" as well as the international-level "Asia Pacific Beauty Queen", the result of which won international acclaim as one of her subjects became the top-five finalists in the Philippines, beating at least 70 other contestants. She is also honored to have dressed many top dignitaries in the country. Parameswari has many years of experience as a make-up and beauty artist in films, dramas, commercials and RTM TV productions. She was also a Senior Adviser and Trainer with the Puchong Technical Training College (PTTC) and has nurtured many beauticians who have become well-known and prominent today.

She continues to grow and expand in her knowledge of beauty and its changing elements as she strives to create beauty while enhancing the natural radiance of a person. She wishes and hopes to share the “Secret of Beauty” with you.