Mayah Kuppusamy

Mayah Kuppusamy
Recycling (GOPIO International Women Entrepreneur Awards 2011)

Mrs. Mayah Kuppusamy is a major shareholder, director and Chief Executive Officer of High Cans Corporation Sdn. Bhd. She has been in the recycling industry for the past 18 years. Her job functions cover the overall management of company operations, with special emphasis on Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Finance and Logistics.

Like most highly successful people, Mrs. Mayah began her career as a clerk with a scrap metal company located in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. She married in 1994 and joined her husband's recycling company the same year, Perniagaan Logam Paranthaman Sdn. Bhd., located in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur, and operated from a rented premise. The company was trading in aluminum, copper, steel, iron, batteries, etc.

After a long struggle from 1994 to 2000, they moved their business to a bigger rented premise in Sungai Besi. Finally in 2001, they moved their business to their own premise, a one and a half story semi-detached school in Taman Sungai Besi, when the company achieved a turnover of RM 21 Million.

In the year 2003, with an employee count of 43 people, the company achieved a turnover of RM 27 million. Following the success in steering the company into great heights, in the year 2005, Perniagaan Logam Paranthaman Sdn. Bhd. changed their company name to a more corporate image known today as "HIGH CANS CORPORATION SDN. BHD”.

With a new corporate name and aggressive marketing strategies, the company begins to harness a bigger share of the recycling Industry. The banks were willing to provide better facilities after seeing the company's track record.

From 2005 onward with sheer determination, she and her husband Mr. Sri Paranthaman, managed to increase their turnover from RM 69 Million to RM 96 Million in 2006.

After much success, they purchased a land in the prime Industrial lot in Sungai Besi and are currently operating from this premise. The company's success did not stop here as the turnover continued to increase year after year. With an aggressive marketing and sales team, she managed to steer the company to achieve a turnover of RM 126 Million in 2007 and RM 186 Million in 2008.

In 2009, the company achieved a turnover of RM 126 Million against the backdrop of the 2008 economic slowdown. In mid-2010, the company started to initiate ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System in its operations.

Keeping in mind her modest beginning, Mrs. Mayah has always been charitable and has contributed to numerous Charitable Organisations in the country which includes schools, welfare services and the poor community. She does not only contribute monetarily but also takes time in listening to people's problem and time to meet unfortunate people and help them solve their problem. Today, she stands proud in achieving a turnover of RM 179 Million in 2010 and this is a great achievement as the turnover can easily take High Cans Corporation Sdn. Bhd. into being a listed company today.