Madam Paruwathi

Madam Paruwathi
Textiles & Jewelry (GOPIO International Women Entrepreneur Awards 2011)

Madam Paruwathi was born on 9 November 1961 in Teluk Intan, Perak. Due to financial problems in her family, she had to sacrifice her education since young. Then, in early 90's, she stepped into a new world – the world of business. Textile business was her choice as she had some experience in this field. The saying goes “If you sweat a lot, you will gain a lot”, but not in her case. She was willing to lay down her life to find a meaning, but to no avail. She was just like anyone else who was busy clearing bills and finding ends meet. She was determined to work harder than before.

She married Mr.Thangarajan who was in police force at the age of 24. As a hardworking person she never wanted to be a housewife. She started selling groceries at the night market. She invested into a textile business in 1995 and when the business was sound, she imported materials from India.

When everything was going well, problems arose. She underwent a major health problem and was unable to walk due to her health problems. This is when she had a big hit in her business, as she was unable to concentrate as a tough person in life, she remained calm. Help came through her younger brother who introduced Tasly health supplement products in 2005 and she recovered 90% in few months after consuming Tasly products. This gave her confidence in Tasly products and she joined Tasly.

Madam Paruwathi is a lady who strictly follows time management. Although she was busy with her textile business, she found time for Tasly business and also had time for her family. In 2007, Madam Paruwathi achieved another milestone. She built a three story building opening “Sai Vaanis (M) Sdn. Bhd” which cost her a few million ringgit. She had the will and the way came to her. Being staunch Sai Baba follower, she believes very much in the law of attraction. She always says, “just ask and the universe will give you an answer".

Today, Sai Vaanis (M) Sdn. Bhd is a well-known Indian textile retailer in Batu Caves. They sell the latest saree fashion and offers contemporary styles with high quality and unique choices. Her enthusiasm in business made her to venture into restaurant business in September 2010. The new restaurant, SV Villas offers varieties of South Indian cuisines with affordable prices.

For all that she lost in her schooling life and education; she made it with her children. Madam Paruwathi and Mr. Thangarajan have 3 brilliant children who have done well in their education.

For her contributions in Tasly, the company recognized her by giving her the Outstanding Leader Award in January 2007, Outstanding Contribution Award in March 2009 and Outstanding Entrepreneur Award in December 2009.

Madam Paruwathi always remembers her late father's advice, “However high you fly, practice humility". She lives immortally within us, as we can still hear her words echoing in our hearts, “Never see anything as a problem, but a situation with a solution, as no matter what life throws at us, and hurdles we go through, high or low, there's always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.