GOPIO International Excellence Awards 2015

Eswararao Nandam

Eswararao Nandam is Founder President of Sensa group, involved in Township Development, Engineering, Construction, Hospitality Services, Dairy Development, Organic Farming, Medical Waste Treatment and Electronics Manufacturing....Read More

Mr. Ameerali R Jumabhoy

Mr Ameerali R Jumabhoy or fondly known as Ameer is the doyen of the Jumabhoy family, once known as the wealthiest non-Chinese family in South-East Asia was born in December 28 1925.While his family business had kept him busy....Read More

Dato’ Dr. V.T. Thiayagarajan

Dato' Dr. V.T Thiayagarajan is recognized as Strategic Business Leader for sweeping improvement to efficiency, product development and marketing. A well-known person in Singapore, Dato' is a highly qualified businessman who first obtained his B.E....Read More

Datuk Shah Lalchand Ranai

Datuk Shah Lalchand Ranai symbolises long years of entrepreneurship with Ede & Ravenscroft and his dedication in developing his niche business of Ede & Ravenscroft design and sale of academic dress and over the years developing new innovative....Read More

Jayaganesan Alageri

Jayaganesan Alageri (Ganesh) a charismatic leader and a social responsibility enthusiast, was born on Sep L. 1971 in Melaka. Ganesh's journey has influenced many talents who came across him at every stage of career and life. He took off his career....Read More

Narayanasamy Kuppusamy

Narayanasamy Kuppusamy is a former Teacher Training College and University Malaya lecturer who had contributed immensely for the Tamil education professionally and as a social worker. Born in 1947, in Kerling, Selangor to a plantation worker... Read More