Rajen Pillay

(GOPIO International Excellence Award 2013 -FINANCIAL SERVICES – SOUTH AFRICA )

Garuda Finance is able to arrange project funding for variable projects from both South African and international funders in the range of $5m to 500m says Rajen Pillay the CEO who certainly has the pedigree required to deliver on such a promise. Becoming the first black stockbroker in SA, in 1989 during the apartheid years, and going on excel in Matheson and Hollidge Inc.

Frankel Max Pollak and society Générale has placed Rajen in good stead to today run his own company concentrating on mergers and acquisitions with a view to economically empowering the previously disadvantaged in South Africa.

Today Garuda Finance focuses on foreign acquisitions of South African companies, investments into SADC countries, and on trade and import finance for LC’s. The company has well-established relations with several London listed Investments Banks and Fund Managers, Indian Investments Banks, Hong Kong private equity funds, and Kenyan and Nigerian investment bankers.

The company has concluded many finance and investment transactions in the fields of mining, minerals procurement, hospitals, road constructions, and asset management. Significant foreign investment has been facilitated by Garuda Finance with the process including market assessments, transaction structuring, country entry strategy, local debt financing, and the structuring of Black Economic Empowerment shareholdings, currently required by legislation, in the clothing, textile, software, mining and telecoms sectors.

There are currently major investments opportunities in South Africa especially in the fields of power, renewable energy, minerals, hospitals, ports, and Garuda finance.