GIBC – 2nd Webinar Series: Leading Through Chaos

The Historic First PIO Day Celebration in Malaysia
June 3, 2023
International Day of Yoga 2023
July 31, 2023

The 2nd series of the GOPIO International Business Council’s webinar was successfully conducted on July 9th via Zoom. The focal point of this webinar was “Leading Through Chaos: Strategies for Success in a VUCA Environment,” an imperative subject in today’s dynamic business landscape. The program was coordinated by Mr. Gunasekaren Sreerangan.

The distinguished speaker for the event was Dr. Andal Krishnan, a seasoned Leadership Strategist and Director of Vital Skills Global Pte Ltd. A total of 30 participants actively engaged in this webinar, contributing to its enriching discussions. The webinar’s focus on “Leading Through Chaos” empowered the participants with the knowledge to adeptly navigate uncertain and volatile environments, seize opportunities amidst challenges, drive transformative changes, and find inspiration to attain exceptional results. This event exemplified GOPIO’s commitment to equipping its members with essential skills and knowledge to thrive in complex and ever-changing business scenarios.