Indran sagaran Arnasalam

(GOPIO International Excellence Award 2017 – LOGISTICS & SOCIAL REFORMER)

Feeding the deserted desperate orphans, in the registered shelter homes, has been the priority passion of his life, making this services a vocation, a duty and a special privilege, bestowed by Almighty, by engineering programs for these neglected children’s of God, for the specific purpose of social transformation to make these children feel, they too have a critical place in the society.

Identifying neglected talented artists from various walks of life, encouraging them through self-esteem, Indran, takes them to India, to tour and perform in the various states; get them to be recognized by state leaders in India and make them feel they are also great artists in the eyes of the world. This is another remarkable feat, of this social transformer of our society. He enjoys this feeling of giving self-esteem to these neglected artists.

His life has been a journey of services to humanity, organizing regular blood donation campaigns, through his (MDKNI) Malaysia Dr.Kamal Hassan Narpani Iyakkam, encouraging his volunteers in the services of humanity. Organ donation, cleaning campaigns, organizing debates on social issues, has taken priority role in his life. His role model is Dr. Kamal Hassan, for selfless services to society.

MDKNI has been a great platform for Indran, to mobilize Malaysian Indian youths, lost in the mire of cinema craze and transformed them socially, as campaigners, promoters and volunteers for services that the society needed and at the same time converted this NGO as a voice to champion the cause of those who fought for justice wherever it may be needed. Indran, born on 4th Dec 1971, in Kampar Perak, with four siblings, owes a lot to his loving, poverty driven parents, Arnasalam and Sathiyam, who gave him the impetus to explore business opportunities, and as blessed he did work his way up through trials and tribulations till he became famous with his nickname as “Vanigan” till the economic crisis of 1997 swept away his fortunes. He had to start his business career all over again, as usual, with all the odds and challenges, persevering through, till he bounced back in 2003, and to what he is today 2017, as a successful licensed Money Lender, giving him the competitive edge and the blessings to serve the society as a significant social transformer, that earned him the recognition as a “Dato” from the Perak Royalty, that he seldom publishes for glory or status.

A self-made man, Dato Indran, persisted his way up in life through education, till reaching the earned his MBA in Business administration, an educational foundation that has been instrumental in leveraging his practical experience with academic knowledge, to take up his business venture to the horizons of his future vision where he wants to leave a legacy for his posterity that will tell the world that he lived for a cause for social reformation.

His vision, still as a youth, in his mid-forties, Indran wishes to see Malaysian Indians, a creditable, recognized, respected community in Malaysia, working hand in hand with all races to make this nation of Malaysia, a great country in the world.