Elanko Muthusamy

(GOPIO International Excellence Award 2017 – SCHOOL INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT)

Mr Elanko Muthusamy has a very humble beginning. He was born on 30/12/1953 in a small town in Johor called Tangkak. His father was a Tamil School headmaster and mother was a housewife. He was the eldest of seven siblings, an early opportunity to develop his leadership qualities.

After completing his secondary education, he had followed his father’s footsteps to become a Tamil school teacher. However, his real calling was in for entrepreneurship. Having found his niche in the logistic business, he left his teaching profession to pursue a career in business.

Determination, hard work, excellent managerial skills and good business acumen are the attributes which moldered his success in his various endeavors. He went on to complete his MBA to enhance his entrepreneurial abilities. Now, he is at the helm of a well-respected logistics, warehousing and transportation company in Johor which employs about 250 personnel. Mr Elanko had his fair share of hardship in his life which prompted him to do his part for the upliftment of the under privileged around him. He actively got involved in many nongovernmental bodies and rendered his services in various capacities.

Being an ex-Tamil school teacher himself, it is not surprising that some of his notable contributions for the community are centred on Tamil schools. He simply had first-hand experience about the fundamental problems faced by the schools. The lack of appropriate infrastructure for the Tamil Schools was one of the major concerns for him.

In 2013 he was entrusted to be the Chairman of the Board of Governors of SJKT Masai Johor. This has given Mr Elanko a meaningful opportunity to solve some of the infrastructure issues that has been plaguing the SJK Tamil, Masai. Under his able leadership, Mr Elanko’s and the government funding of RM 2 million, the Board of Governors and school administration completed a 4 store building for the school comprising of classrooms, special activity rooms, a canteen and hall. Due to his efficient management of the fund the school building was completed within 1.5 million. Together with the balance amount and funding of RM350 000 from the Johor State Government he managed to build the other much required amenities for the school. He has been instrumental in sourcing the additional fund from the Johor state Government.

After about three years of dedicated and untiring effort of Mr Elanko and his team, Masai Tamil School can now proudly boast of having some of the best infrastructure facilities in the country. The facilities includes an air-conditioned multi-purpose hall with audio-visual facilities, several special activity rooms, executive standard administration office and a cost functional room for the teachers. The school was transformed as of the exemplary Tamil Schools for others to emulate. Besides his good work in the School he is also an active leader in a temple in Masai.

Inspired by the quote by John C. Maxwell “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.’ is clear in his vision and has been a dedicated leader.