Mr Gunasegaran Kandaswamy

(GOPIO International Excellence Award 2015 –ICT DEVELOPMENT)

The Program Titian Digital (PTD) was initiated by Hindu Youth Organisation Port Klang (HYO Port Klang) and Malaysian Community & Education Foundation (MCEF) in April 2009.

The objective of PTD is to help Tamil school students to acquire ICT literacy & reduce the Digital Divide among the urban, urban poor and rural communities. The project was commenced with 2 ICT labs and 578 students. Today, after a span of 6 years, there are 72 ICT labs with 23,421 students acquiring ICT literacy and 14,332students have already passed out after completing their primary education. This programme was implemented using Thin Client Technology with Open Source software (Edubuntu). The PTD has so far reached out to 41 schools in Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Johor.

In the year 2011, PTD was recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records as the as the largest open source software user. In the same year, the PTD project was recognized by and ITU-UUM and ITU-UUM. In the year 2013, the PTD syllabus and course structure was given recognition from IPv6-NAV6 USM.

The other achievements of PTD are,

*Jointly Organized 12th International Tamil Internet Conference, Kuala Lumpur with INFITT Malaysia in 2013

*Produced a national Champion in designing Doogle for Google Competition age 7-9 Category in 2014

*In 2015 PTD ICT Lab of SJKT North Hummock is selected as the best ICT lab in Klang District

*Our students participated in the world widehour of codes campaign (7-13 Dec 2015) launched by USA President Barack Obama

*Future plan - Mobile Apps & 3D animation development training

PTD is supported by HYO Port Klang, MCEF, SEDIC, Selangor State Government, NLFCS, myNadi Foundation,THR Raaga & Magnum Care, Rotary Club Kelana Sungai Ujong, Mr. Ramasanderan Appanan, LPS & PIBG.

The Program Titian Digital is led by Mr. Gunasegaran Kandaswamy,Who holds a bachelor degree in Social Science (USM) and Masters of Information Technology (UM). He is a past President & current Advisor of the HYO Port Klang. He has also presented research papers on PTD in the 11th and 12th International Tamil Internet Conference in 2012 & 2013 and GOPIO Conference in 2012.