Jayaganesan Alageri

(GOPIO International Excellence Award 2015 –MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY)

A. Jayaganesan Alageri (Ganesh) a charismatic leader and a social responsibility enthusiast, was born on Sep 20, 1971 in Melaka. Ganesh’s journey has influenced many talents who came across him at every stage of his career and life.

Ganesh is the third son in a family of 6, he grew up in daily wage earning family. At the age of 12, after school hours, he and his brothers will grew vegetables and sells them in the neighborhood with his mom’s bicycle and he herds goats and cows for milk and sell the produce, this support their financial needs for their education. The humble growing years made him a strong personality with never give up spirit till now. He treasures the family unity, his sibling lives as one family in different roofs.

Ganesh took off his career with Electronic Engineering qualification and determine to enhance his management skill by pursuing a Diploma in Management from MIM in 1999 and subsequently obtained MBA in 2006. He is also a certified Calibration Engineer, Leadership Trainer, Lean 6 Sigma Engineer (issued by SME). He attended Business Leadership Development program at Texas A&M University, USA. He started his career as an Electronic Technician for a Japanese MNC. He was chosen for the technology transfer program, he received pioneer training in Japan, that able him to converse in Japanese language fluently. He had the opportunity to work on the startup phase and rose to Management position. He left the organization after 14 years of service to start up his own consulting firm, he conducts business development and training for manufacturing industries locally and overseas. 2 years in the consulting business, he had an opportunity to consult an American based MNC for a startup of an O&G manufacturing facility. In the course of the startup, he was offered a job instead and 8 years today he had climbed the ladder to the number 1 position leading the multi million dollar business.

Vanitha, his wife who is a Tamil language Teacher in a secondary school inspired him with the love for Tamil education. They send both their children to Tamil school. Since then, he became a school and social responsibility enthusiast.

In his 24 years of career life, he had hired, coached and developed hundreds of Indians to a promising career path. Every of his hires made various achievements in corporate hierarchy and some are successful entrepreneurs today. His strong leadership talent inculcates the passion to arise and achieve. He also coached and guided organizations to develop in various capacity, many Indian SMEs and Entrepreneurs have benefited from his guidance.His passion and expertise for manufacturing and technology advancement a reserved in various platforms, he was appointed as a Jury for the annual “Industrial Art and Technology Exhibition” organized by UTM.

He believes the intellectual developments begin at home and being enhanced in schools, relevant nurturing shall take its course to face oncoming challenges. We must ensure prompt education and learning process are our number one priority, there is no ends to it. Time has changed and we would not have the same opportunities. He started his humble approaches to help needy school children from every aspect, his networks of kind hearts helps and contributes actively in making changes where support is needed to help with financial support and infrastructure needs for Tamil schools.

As part of his social responsibility, Ganesh actively supports various charity organizations, Tamil school events for excellence such as “Tamil School Our Choice” program, “Science Fair for Young Children”, prepares children for “Innovations, Design and Invention award” presentations in local and global arenas. He strives to promote cultural programs in society and schools.

He urges every Indian to stay united and engaged on the growth of our community especially the Generation Y whom will soon face unexpected challenges in the new era. His principle in life is “waste no time in preparing oneself to lead a quality life to guide others”. Ganesh’s making it happen spirit never ends here.