Eswararao Nandam

(GOPIO International Excellence Award 2015 – GOPIO BEST INDIA PARTNER)

Eswararao personifies enterprise creativity, rising up to establishing new corporate.With this acquired experience and skills, he has applied his business knowledge to a vast number of corporate projects turnaround.

Eswararao Nandam is Founder President of Sensa group, involved in Township Development,Engineering, Construction, Hospitality Services, Dairy Development, Organic Farming, Medical Waste Treatment and Electronics Manufacturing.

An Alumnus of BITS, Pilani, an Ivy Institute of India, Eswara has more than TWENTY FIVE years of rich and varied experience. He is Highly Entrepreneurial and Professional with considerable global professional experience in Leadership and Business Transformation roles. He Specializes in Establishing and Managing New Manufacturing Facilities and Businesses. Eswara has successfully established projects and had his foot prints in almost all States of India.

Highly regarded as trouble shooter with high rate of achievements and an appetite of new challenges with high risk tasks. Friendly in nature, soft spoken individual he has acquired many friends and followers through his life. He is a Role Model for many friends, colleagues and also to his young 19 family members.

Eswararao Nandan started his career as Trainee Engineer with Rane Group, and has traversed through tough times and is richly awarded with his own learning curve to leadership in building new businesses.He believes in “Plan; Focus; Do; Concentrate and Act”, theory influenced by Japanese Culture.

Eswararao is a spiritually enabled individual who appreciates diversity, and treats everyone with respect, thereby consistently achieving goals and objectives that has made him diligent, winsome, and innovative leader. Millions of Rupees he spends on charities including orphanages and feeding visitors to temples. His wife Uma Nandam supports him all along his life journey in all matters and suggests whenever possible.

Currently, Sensa is implementing a Digitally Enabled Industrial Township in Joint Venture with GOPIO that will rise up as ‘GOPIO Integrated Township’ Eswararao Nandam vision is to provide employment to at least 100,000 people during his life time.