Raventharan Subramaniam

(GOPIO International Excellence Award 2013 -CONSTRUCTION)

Raventharan Subramaniam (Ravi) was born in Kelantan in 1963. He completed his primary schooling in SRJK Taku Estate and went on to finish secondary schooling at his hometown of Kuala Krai, and later on, in Kota Bharu. He then attended University Science Malaysia and obtained his BSc Hons. HBP. His passion was and still is) football and he aspired to become a professional football player, but he didn't quite make it.

USM proved to be quite the difference in social culture (being born and bred in an estate in a small town in Kelantan, but being the person he was and good at football, he got accustomed to it. After his graduation, he joined a renowned engineering firm and subsequently started his own. With taglines of "Towards "O' Fire and Moving Ahead”, he is now the force behind Integrated Fire Protection Engineering Sdn Bhd as well as Unijaya Holdings Sdn Bhd, the Civil and Building Construction firm. He has always been very up to date, disciplined, and well-read on issues pertaining not only to his muses but also in general too.

Well informed and having experienced himself, the problem faced by Indian Contractors in the construction industry, me he went on (with few friends) to found IBAM (Indian Builders Association Malaysia). Currently the advisor of BAM, he has brought many to work together and exchange ideas as well as business munities. Though still in its early years, IBAM has given many small contractors a platform to build and strengthen their businesses. To appreciate his contributions and his achievements in the field, he was awarded the National Entrepreneur Award by MIBA for the year 2010.

He has always said "One of the many problems of our people (Malaysian Indians) is that they have the ideas and the skills but they don't have the funding or the support”. If we can come together as one then we can definitely help each other rise in this field. His personal motto speaks volumes of his character-"If men someone, in any way, why not?

Aside from construction, he is also active in the sports field. Annually, his company organizes the Unijaya mgs Challenge Trophy, to cultivate the talents of young footballers under the age of 16. He is also advisor of the Puchong Rovers Sports Club.

With his encouragement, his ability to overcome challenges and motivation as well as in-depth as won the respect and admiration of many. This comes personally from his junior staff member recently - - Boss is my hero and someday I'd like to be exactly like him!”