Maneekam Mahalingam


“Never forget the past, but always keep your eyes fixed on the future”

This is a motto Maneekam Mahalingam or more fondly known as Maneekam – has religiously lived by since his youth. Maneekam is a self- made entrepreneur with no slowing down any time soon.

Maneekam hails from a large family of 9 siblings and his 7th in line. While it was the completion of business courses that aided him in the forming of his own company, it was his networking skills, business-savvy mentally, and sheer drive that propelled him into the world of maintenance services and manpower supply.

His humble beginnings saw him start as a caddy with the royal Australian Golf Club, Butterworth, in 1969. It was here that is love for the sport began, and he was determined to one day with tournaments to satiate his passion for the game.

Today Maneekam’s Children – Prabhakaran, a Malaysian, national hockey player, and a Vijayalatshmi a graduate from the University of Queensland, Australia, has joined the family business and continue to aid their father in driving and diversifying the company into more challenging and more profitable ventures. Alam Era ‘an Sdn Bhd continues to grow with every passing year and has cemented itself as a respectable name in the manpower supply field.