Dato’ Appalasuwami Suridemudu

(GOPIO International Excellence Award 2013 -ACADEMY FOR DRIVING)

A trainer of the trainer license holder, issued by JPJ, Mr. Appalasuwami started out in this field some 30 yrs ago as a driving school trainer with Sekolah Memandu hulu Selangor, a partnership business owned by him and his brother in 1983. Born and raised in Ulu Berham, Selangor Dato’ Appalasuwami is more known as Dato’ P.S.Samy to his clients and friends. He believes in obtaining his SPM certification, and his currently working towards obtaining an MBA. He married Ms. Saraswathy and has 5 children.

Prior to his venture, Dato’ P.S.Samy was a rubber tapper. He believes in cherishing this humble beginning and to date he does rubber tapping in his own land before starting his hectic schedule at his office.

In the year 1987, he decided to venture independently and opened a branch under the same name in Kuala Kubu Bharu starting with a clientele of about 30 students a month and 1 employee. A very pleasant and jovial personality. Dato has a collaborative, inclusive management style with excellent inter-personnel skills. He successfully built up a substantive client base focusing on all Malaysian residents and non- residents.

Today the academy has 80 employees, servicing about 350 clients a month, and has 18 branches covering Hulu Selangor and Gombak Area. His dream is to establish a three- store building with facilities for an advanced training centre for safe driving skills. He believes “Customers Come first and services come in priority”.

He is also known as a very generous person when comes to helping those in need as well as supporting social organizations. He believes that no one seeking his help shall leave empty-handed.