Dato’ Amrit Kaur Manjeet Singh

(GOPIO International Excellence Award 2013 -LIFE STYLE BOUTIQUE )

Given an opportunity women have proven themselves in various fields, including entrepreneurship. Dato' Amrit Kaur is a success story of a self-made entrepreneur. In addition to being a successful businesswoman Dato' Amrit is a caring mother, a spiritually inspired person, a responsible member of the society who aims for the best in whatever she undertakes. Her success story is pure determination, hard work, spiritual guidance, and commitment.

Dato' Amrit holds the ACCA professional accounting qualifications from the London School of Economics and a Masters in Psychology from the University of Leicester. Upon completing her chartered accounting she worked as an accountant at one of the 'Big Four' accounting and auditing firms in the country before pursuing her dream to venture into her own business.

Business acumen was always her forte and at a young age, her entrepreneurial skills could be seen when she started a small door to door fabric business. She then went on to set up her first Boutique retail outlet, selling high-end fashion names in Semua House, Masjid India, which was visited by royalty. Gulati's Silk House is now a household name for textile and fabric in Malaysia.

Her exquisites eye for detail and good fashion sense and her passion in recommending the best quality and choice in fabrics attracted the affluent society and fashion designers which led her to open her Galleria Harits store in Bangsar Shopping Complex.

She then went on to develop and start up an interior design arm called Harits Interiors Sdn Bhd to complement her other ventures specializing in soft furnishing for residences, offices, and hotels. Habits Interior has so far successfully completed some interior designs works at the Palace of the Golden Horses, Sri Satria, Sutera Harbour Hotel, and private plane just to name a few.

Dato' Amrit also served as a Committee member on the Board of Indian Chambers of Commerce until 2012. She has also over the years actively provided social and charitable services to the community. In 1995 she was instrumental in the establishment of an orphanage home in Kuala Lumpur which houses underprivileged children. She also takes some time off from her busy schedule to assist in organizing social community events like the "Hari Vesakhi Open House in Perak which was graced by our Prime Minister. More than 35,000 persons from all races attended this program. On 17.4.2009 she was involved in the organization of the Vesakhi Charity Dinner at the Putra World Trade Centre under the flagship of the Malaysian Punjabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry to assist the poor and deserving families.

Dato Amrit is also the founder of Yayasan Sikh Malaysia, a charitable organization which practices no discrimination policy, Yayasan Sikh Malaysia has participated amongst others in outreach programs to uplift the hardcore poor and the orphanages in the remote areas in Sabah, Malaysia. The foundation has also helped in providing bi-monthly food and ration for approximately 80 deserving families living in poverty in Perak.

in 2001 Dato' Amrit played a major role in the Gurpuri Fund Raising Mega Event where funds were raised for the purchase of the property which currently houses the Gurpuri Orphanage Home.

She has also served as a committee member and key volunteer for the Yayasan Niketan Aman Peace Event 2001 to promote the overall appreciation of peace in this country which was held at the Dataran Merdeka and was attended by more than 85,000 people from all walks of life.

Dato Amrit has over the years participated actively in the prayer sessions and provided a financial contribution to several Gurdwaras in Kuala Lumpur. As part of her corporate and spiritual responsibility, her exquisite fashion eye interior design has also carried out extensive interior design works in numerous Gurdwaras in Malaysia.