V. R. Velayutham

(GOPIO International Renown Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2010 – SPICE FOOD PRODUCTS)

In the year, V.R. VELAYUTHAM or Vr. Vela as he is fondly known took on the major challenge of turning around Trichy Marketing Sdn Bhd. Trichy Marketing though in existence for 47 years was in a state of near closure with six staff and a turnover of less than a half million.

Thirteen years on, Trichy marketing is now a major player in the field of traditional Indian spices with a current turnover of rm 12 million and more than 60 staff. Many of the staff are loyal and dedicated and do not wish to seek employment elsewhere. Trichy Marketing’s main products are curry powder, powdered spices and a variety of flour – the essentials to create traditional Indian cuisine.

During the said four years, Trichy marketing plunged deeply into market analysis and research and development. The fruit of this research is the now popular sambal powder. Sambal is a favourite ingredient in this part of the world regardless of race and Trichy marketing is the only and first sambal powder provider from Malaysia.

Trichy marketing’s products are distributed locally nationwide and also to the regional Asian markets mainly Brunei and Papua New Guinea. Trichy marketing embarked on a smart partnership with Mydin Hyper Mart in 2006 where in a Spice Retail Outlet was set up in Mydin’s US Hyper Mart, incorporating the concept of traditional Indian values