Panchacharam Nalliah

(GOPIO International Renown Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2010 – FILM PRODUCTION)

Film producer PANCHACHARAM NALLIAH, 60, better known as Suhan Panchacharam to the Indian fans and Pancha in the national film industry has been an ardent movie fan since his day in memory.

Pancha is known as a revolutionary in the local film industry of which he has altered the profile entirely. His directorial debut was ‘NAAN ORU MALAYSIAN’ in 1991. Three Malay movies namely ‘SAYANG’, ‘DEBU DEBU KASIH’, & ‘SUAMI ISTERI DAN….’.

Pancha rose to national fame as under his banners, over 100 television movies and serials in Malay and Tamil has been produced. He has even produced one English and Cantonese respectively.

Pancha’s following effort was introducing many names to the industry who are prominent today. Rosy am, one of the top artists and known for his versatility as an actor was introduced by Pancha. Pancha has been more than a mentor to this Malay hero star. Other top Indian artiste introduced by Pancha are Sasitharan and Ghaana.