Dr.S.S. Tamilselvan

(GOPIO International Renown Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2010 – MARKETING)

DR.S.S. TAMILSELVAN 48, is man with vast knowledge of modern medicine plus alternative treatment and business. He started his working career in 1992, after completing degree in pharmacy from university Science Malaysia. (USM).

Between 1992 and 1997, Dr Tamil held senior managerial positions in two renowned international pharmaceutical companies. His first job was in Diethelm (1992) where he held the position of Area Sales Manager prior to joining Zuellig Pharmaceutics (1994) where he served in the capacity of branch manager.

In 2005, amidst operating his medilink chain of pharmacies, Dr Selvan stumbled onto a golden discovery which would mark his appointment with destiny and revolutionize his career course: He was introduced to 4life, which was making its timely entry into the Malaysian nutritional health market.

Without looking back, he joined the company and relentlessly worked his way up with his pioneer peer group of 4life network professionals to steer the business into phenomenal success in Malaysia and the region.

Dr Selvan attributes his meteoric career success to 4life’s cutting edge range of transfer factor and its lucrative compensation packages which echoes Robert Kiyosaki’s maxims about the limitless potential of the network marketing industry given the right company and the right products!!! His stellar achievements had earned him the prestigious Silver Medal in 2007 and as the president club member two years in 2009.