Arun Dorasamy

(GOPIO International Renown Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2010 – MANAGEMENT & TRAINING)

Arumugam Dorasamy, a Johore an, graduated from Wichita State University of Kansas USA, with honours majoring in Mechanical Engineering with minors in mathematics and business administration. His passion to cook led him to a culinary and hospitality field in which he earned his degree from Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and continued with Bachelorette Degree in restaurant & hotel management.

His core business is in Training, advisory, Consultation, research and academic areas of business and hospitality. He enjoys juggling his consultation and training career in Europe and Malaysia.

He is also the advisor to the Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners Association and the Malaysian Muslim restaurant owner association. If any of the restaurant / hospitality / establishment is suffering from “bottom” – line blues, then its time to turn to E Sun, a consulting company that understands the unique challenges associated with shrinking profits in the restaurants / hospitality industry in Malaysian and globally as the competition getting stiffer by day.