GOPIO appreciates SEDIC Drive to transform the Indian Youth capabilities

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July 11, 2016
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Press Release 

Dato Prof NS Rajendran has ably provided the leadership for the Government SEDIC Fund as a mainstream government Scheme for developing the skills of the Indian youth.

More then 100 projects are currently funded and subsidised by Dato Prof Rajendran under the SEDIC Fund, to raise the knowledge and skill level of the youth. This include the nurturing of living skills for single parents.

SEDIC was initiated in 2015 by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib under the guidance of Dato Prof Ranjendran, as part of the Prime Minister Office support schemes for the Indian youth, with a budget of RM100.0 million.

The SEDIC scheme is a vast improvement on all other previous schemes by the government to support the Indian youth self-development. The use of the Government SEDIC Fund for the Indian youth development, is more closely monitored for better results. The wastage and leakage of the SEDIC fund is minimal. Also the permitted operation overhead is kept to the minimum. Prof Rajendran is very much hands-on on the monitoring of the SEDIC Projects.

The second round of SEDIC Projects for 2016 is being processed and GOPIO is confident that Dato Prof Rajendran will continue his prudent leadership in the selection of the Projects

GOPIO foresees, that over a period of about five years of SEDIC assistance to the Youth, there will be some definite positive changes in the Indian Youth skills and entrepreneurial level. With the two years’ experience acquired, SEDIC and Dato Prof Rajendran should now expand the Fund’s budget and accommodate more Youth Development Schemes.

Selvarajoo Sundram,
Chairman, GOPIO International