GIBC – 1st Webinar Series: Exploring Business Opportunity in Myanmar

The Launching of PIO International Festival in Conjunction with PIO Day
May 20, 2023
Malaysian Indian Business Cum Economic Forum
May 29, 2023

The inaugural webinar of the GOPIO International Business Council was held on May 21 2023, via Zoom. The primary focus of this webinar was to delve into the business opportunities present in Myanmar, shedding light on potential avenues for economic growth and collaboration. The coordination was managed by Mr. Gunasekaren Sreerangan.

Distinguished experts in the field were invited to share their perspectives and insights and a total of 50 participants engaged in the webinar. A notable outcome of this event was the fostering of enhanced business networking opportunities in Myanmar. By facilitating informed discussions and interactions, the webinar catalysed building meaningful connections and collaborations within the business community interested in Myanmar.