Corporate and Business Leaders Forum

Global PIO Icon Selvarajoo Sundram
September 18, 2022
PIO Day Forum
October 9, 2022

A Corporate and Business Leaders Forum was organised by GOPIO Malaysia on the 23rd of September at KL Hilton in Kuala Lumpur under the theme Championing Growth through Openness and Collaboration.

Although having thirty million PIOs globally is an advantage, the true potential of the Community has not been fully explored due to a lack of coordination and coherence. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the way CEOs work and lead under unforeseen circumstances. Bringing together the top successful PIO CEOs is one way for the community to progress towards the future together.

The forum was for the PIO Business Leaders to expand business networking, profitability and growth in Malaysia and overseas, especially in Tamil Nadu and also in other states in India. The objectives of the forum were to create a networking platform for PIO Business Leaders and to form a business consortium to network with corporations and governments. The event was designed to be a gathering of business minds where ideas, expertise and resources are shared through networking and cooperation.

Thirty Business Leaders from various industries attended the forum. Mr Raja Singham, the Managing Director of BAC Education spoke on staying relevant and growing the business. Mr Gunasekaren Sreerangan, the President of GOPIO Malaysia spoke on business facilitation and consortium. Mr Elanchezhiyan Loganathan, a member of the Foreign Investment Advisory Panel from Tamil Nadu spoke on business opportunities in Tamil Nadu. Mr Amarnath Goud, India-Malaysia Trade Facilitation Consultant spoke on business opportunities in India.  GOPIO Singapore President Harikrishnan also attended the event.

There was an exciting and long Question and Answer session with lots of questions posed to the Speakers. Some of the Business Leaders also provided suggestions on how businesses can grow and excel. This was followed by a cocktail networking session where the participants broke into smaller groups for discussion. The evening ended with a networking dinner.

The forum was an effort towards creating a vibrant and enterprising PIO community in Malaysia. After several successful Business networking sessions over the past 4 years, GOPIO successfully embarked on creating a conducive environment for top successful PIO CEOs (Business owners, Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, Presidents and Vice presidents) of companies to come together to create a bigger platform to be global players. The organisers, speakers and participants of the forum have vouched to continue to work on the proposed consortium and other business collaborations.