Raj Ridvan Singh


Teacher Raj once again faced the choice of continuing his successful career in Malaysia or sacrificing financial comfort for the life of a social worker With spirituality and a strong social activist background governing his decision, Teacher Raj left the comforts of Malaysia and returned to Cambodia, before heading to Timor Leste during a time of civil war to found and run SOLS 24 7 Timor Leste His innate business skills and continuous activism guided him through the challenges of setting up and running an education based NGO, helping it grow to become the largest non formal education provider in the country.

After returning to Malaysia, and now with more than 20 years in the social service sector, Teacher Raj started tax exempted, humanitarian organization, SOLS 24 7 Foundation and began tapping into his entrepreneurial strengths to pioneer the concept of blending the worlds of social service ( and entrepreneurship 350 000 individuals have benefited from SOLS 24 7 ’s programmes and projects and it has grown into one of the leading and most innovative NGOs in Malaysia.

In 2010 he set up SOLS Social Enterprises, from start up stage to a multi million Ringgit organization within nine months SOLS Social Enterprises focuses on four sectors, Education, Technology, Mental Health and Renewable Energy, all which play a crucial role enhancing the quality of life of people transcending race, gender, culture and age.