Life is made up of panchabootha’s (the five greater elements that contribute the other hundred and eight elements), space –time, darkness, dark power, dark energy, light and sound. It is transmutable to light form or sound form and the main aim is to live a life trouble free and disease-free to attain deathless. The transmutation is achieved by practicing the tradition of ancient siddha life of Lemorian way to attain Eternity by using once own mind, mind eye and spirit (breath) with letters of 51 mantras by which the body is build.

Getting the mind eye (Theetsha) from a Satguru is first and essential. That gives the new phase to life. The training methods and techniques involving Mind, Mind Eye and breath exchange have been prepared to a highest life change with its unique medicinal values by Siddhas. It would be the Golden Age of life, when people recognize these breathing techniques as indispensable to happy and joyous life.

The universe is no different from Pranavam; and part and partial of same universe. Thus, all-pervading God consciousness brings the elixir of life, further it can be transmitted to Gnana Oliyudal, a light form. Ohm! Tat! Sat!