DR Chandran Veramutthu


“Health is Wealth”. Health is a great treasure. It is the highest blessing. Good health, however, contributes to the emotional well-being. Saint Thirumoolar clearly explained in his Poem.

“If the body perishes prana departs nor will the light of the truth be reached: I learned the way of preserving my body and so doing, my prana too” .Meaning: The physical body perishes over time due to bhogic life style addicted to materialistic senses. This bhogic life vanishes the soul consciousness leaving the physical body without realizing the enlightened wisdom of truth. I learned the yogic life style from my guru to preserve the physical body to seek the universal truth. Through the practice of kundalini yoga I got an undying body and realized the true self within me attaining the state of indefinite ecstasy.

Jeeva Raksha means Jeeva, life force and Raksha means protection. Yogic techniques to lead a stress free, healthy and happy life. It is a great alternative to pills for a healthy body, mind and thoughts.