DR Raken marimuthu


Emotional Excellence is the natural synchrony of core conscious desires of the consciousness, with the thoughts, words and actions of an individual. Any human activity devoid of such unison will result in the dissipation of human energy in whatever activities he or she is involved. It will result in wrong vibrations producing no results.

This emotional excellence is the fundamental pillar of any entrepreneur or any person who is involved in achieving a specific goal. If there is no emotional excellence in whatever you do, you become an UN-conscious actor, cheating yourself or playing a role like a puppet in the hands of a puppeteer.

Emotional Excellence is a complement to Thirukkural which says “எண்ணிய எண்ணியாங்கு எய்து எண்ணியார் திண்ணியர் ஆகப் பெறின்” Whatever men think, even as they think, may men obtain, If those who think can steadfastness of will retain.

Emotional excellence is a tool, a spiritual code, for the subtle connection with the law of abundance to tap the infinity. It is all about desires, emotions, thoughts, vibrations and results.