GOPIO International Excellence Awards 2017

Addressing the Issues and Providing Solutions for Violence in Schools
June 30, 2017
7th GOPIO International Excellence Awards 2017
August 1, 2017



The GOPIO International Awards 2017 is a grand event to celebrate the success of PIO entrepreneurs and PIO enterprises. The award is to recognize the business successes, ethical entrepreneur leaders and to encourage new entrants to the competitive world of enterprises.

To highlight role models for the young generations to encourage larger growth in the number of entrepreneurs. GOPIO believes that PIO Community with one third in entrepreneurship, will provide for the Community’s sustainable socio-economic growth. GOPIO invites the PIO Community to celebrate these successful entrepreneurs and wish them even greater successes.

The Objectives

The Awards are to recognize role model entrepreneurs to encourage more successful entrepreneurs.

  • A larger pool of PIO entrepreneurs will collectively raise the total stake in the country’s economy. As a substantive Entrepreneurial Community and contributing to the country’s growth, PIOs will become more affirmative partners in nation building.
  • As an economic partner, PIO Community will be able to engage with the Government and institutions for mutual growth. Dialogues are possible and effective when the participants are all stakeholders and contributors to the country’s economy.
  • GOPIO’s campaign that one third of the PIO Community will be entrepreneurs is to initiate a self remedying mechanism to reposition the PIO Community as a merit equity partner in Malaysia’s economy. Further, a larger number of PIO entrepreneurs will help reach out to the needy in the community.
  • Together with all PIO associate Organizations, to transit the community into a self-help and entrepreneurial Community.

The Selection of Entrepreneurs


The selection of the Entrepreneurs for the GOPIO International Awards 2017 will meet the primary criteria of being excellent Role Models for all other entrepreneurs.

Other criteria’s are:

  • Good Governance practice is a basic ethic for business practices and business growth. This includes compliance and good employee practice.
  • Continuous growth of the business is to be focused. This includes usage of innovations, unique strategies, ICT, etc, that provide for improved productivity and increased value to the enterprise.
  • Social commitment to the nation and society at large.
  • The independent Selection Committee is specifi c to the sector. The Committee, of a chairperson and two members, will select maximum five entrepreneurs from within the sector. The Selection Committee may incorporate additional criterias that are unique to the needs of the sector
  • The selection by the Committee per sector is final.

Sector Categories

Each sector will have maximum three awardees for the GOPIO International Awards 2017. They are both large corporation and SMEs in
business value size.

Award Categories

  • Manufacturing
  • Publishing, Printing and Designing
  • Logistics including enterprises in shipping, Transport and Warehouse
  • Education, Consultant and Management Services
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Wholesale Trading and Retail Sectors
  • ICT , inclusive of software, hardware and Telco service providers
  • Hospitality, Travel and Tours

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